If you are a senior who is looking for a secure community in which a fulfilling lifestyle is nurtured, where you have a comfortable home without the hassles of traditional home ownership, KPP may be the right place for you. Call 507.650.7100 to arrange a tour.

Is smoking allowed?
No. Smoking is not allowed anywhere on KPP property.

Is storage space available?
Yes. Each apartment has a storage closet. Further, a limited number of storage lockers are available in the garage area.

How is the monthly fee determined?
The total operating expenses of the cooperative are apportioned between all owners based on the size of the owner’s apartment home. Operating expenses include mortgage, interest, insurance, utilities, salaries, maintenance, and so forth.

What will my share be worth if I decide to move?
KPP share values appreciate at a guaranteed fixed rate. Share values are adjusted on the first of the year to reflect the prior year’s appreciation.

Are pets allowed at KPP?
Yes. Cats and dogs are allowed with restrictions. A copy of the house rules and regulations is available upon request.

Aren’t senior housing apartments really small?
No. The smallest KPP apartment home is 1190 sq. ft. The largest is 1645 sq. ft. Most have two bedrooms and two baths. All have a deck, a walk-in closet, a large storage closet, and an open floor plan.

What is the average age of KPP members?
KPP is for seniors (62+), but the KPP lifestyle is not about age….it’s about attitude. KPP members include bikers, walkers, joggers, swimmers, singers, gardeners, writers, painters, bowlers, golfers, bakers, knitters, card players, and even ginger-bread house makers (Really!). A few members still work, but most are retired, some for years. The common denominator here at Kildahl is commitment to a community where everyone has a chance to live fully as an individual and as a participant in a vibrant community. 

What common areas are available to all members?
More than 35% of the building is common, that is, available for the use of all members. Common areas include:

  • An underground garage with EV charging stations and a carwash bay
  • A fully equipped workshop
  • A fully equipped exercise room
  • A lounge/library with fireplace
  • A fully furnished guest room
  • A multi-use room for crafts, meetings, etc.
  • A large “great” room with fireplace and a full kitchen
  • An indoor mail room
  • Refuse rooms on each floor with trash chute, recycling bins, composting bins, and a large sink

What is the operating structure of KPP?
A five member board of directors is elected by the members. The board retains professional real estate management services, outside auditors, an office manager, and a maintenance person. The board of directors appoints the chair of five operating committees:

  • Finance – Establishes a budget & monitors expenses
  • Property – Oversees building maintenance & improvement
  • Marketing – Creates advertising & promotion to maintain full occupancy
  • Community Life – Organizes social, entertainment, & educational activities
  • Policy – Recommends modifications or additions to the house rules.

Is KPP part of the Northfield Retirement Community?
Although located right next to the Northfield Retirement Community campus, KPP is completely independent. KPP is owned and operated by its members.

KPP and the Northfield Retirement Community share a special relationship that is a benefit for KPP members. For example, KPP members utilize many of the Northfield Retirement Community's facilities (cafeteria, coffee shop, salon, movie theater, chapel, etc.) The on-site "Corner Clinic" provides regular visits by certified practitioners in dental, vision, hearing, and foot care as well as massage therapy. In addition, KPP members enjoy priority access to the full range of the Northfield Retirement Community's services should they be needed in the future.

For more information about the Northfield Retirement Community click here.